Letters to the Editor

New site for housing project has drawbacks

It has been reported that the city of Olympia is planning to sell for $100,000 a lot (polluted) in downtown near the bus stop to be used for low income housing. Downtown is not a suitable place for this type of housing. There are no facilities downtown for these people. There are no grocery stores, medical clinics, schools, etc. With the present problems in the downtown area it is also a poor environment in which to place families even if they are low income.

We have a bus system which would allow families/individuals to live in more suitable, pleasant and safe environments and to commute downtown if necessary to the food bank and so forth. Correctly stated some market rate housing is needed in the downtown area to support the small stores that are there. Without nearby residents that can support them these stores will gradually close. Then we will have boarded up storefronts, neglected and unused streets and parks not a pleasant place to browse the stores, have a coffee, walk along the boardwalk and enjoy the parks and green spaces.

It’s time to decide now what the future city of Olympia, capital of Washington state will look like in the future!

Norma Perkunder