Letters to the Editor

New marijuana reform law is bad for medical users

Senate Bill 5052 is a disgrace to sick people in this state in an era where traditional healthcare is still so unaffordable, due to high co-pays or drug costs, that most people have no other choice but to turn to cheaper treatments. Cannabis has been used for thousands of years to supplement the human diet, has been included in spiritual rituals, and has never shown to be as detrimental to humans as most pharmaceutical drugs on the market.

Scientists from around the world have identified the presence of the endocannabinoid system in the body, which has been found to regulate all the other body systems. There is even a higher concentration of these endocannabinoids in breast milk than in any other body fluid. A deficiency of endocannabinoids leads to malfunctions in our systems. Dietary supplementation is the only way to restore homeostasis.

So what’s really behind the political interference with a human’s ability to use a medicinal plant to heal oneself? Is it really that we are so stupid as to not be able to know what’s good for us? Or is it really that some industries want to continue making fortunes off of sick people? We have a society that now thinks fast food is real food. We have diseases and conditions that make most people feel sick daily. Why on earth would anyone support SB 5052?

My call to Gov. Inslee’s office went unanswered. I’d like to have an answer for that one, too.

Deb Fischer McReynolds