Letters to the Editor

Pitts column wrongly linked GOP, terrorists

The editorial written by Leonard Pitts looking back at the Oklahoma City bombing was disgusting. While he accurately describes Timothy McVeigh as a nut job fanatic, he goes on to say that this kind of wacko is now the “beating heart of the Republican Party.” What a ridiculous thing to say. Sure, he follows up that remark by saying, “No responsible figure...advocates or condones” what McVeigh did, and on that point we can agree, Mr. Pitts.

Any politician that condones acts of domestic terrorism deserves not a single vote (hey, Mr. President, how is your buddy Bill Ayers doing these days?). The crux of the editorial is that if you are against the size, scope and power of our federal government, you are part of the problem. So unless you are OK with a $18 trillion debt, ignoring the 10th Amendment and a president that picks and chooses what laws he wants to enforce, you are not supporting the “common will.”

Only in Leonard Pitts’ world. That would be the world of the far left that does not recognize any opposition to their agenda as legitimate. There is but one way, and anyone that voices opposition is not to be taken seriously, reported on accurately or heard by those still open minded. Does Mr. Pitts see the Republican majorities in Congress as a “decision the majority has made”? I kinda of doubt it.

John McLaughlin