Letters to the Editor

Biblical words are guide against getting abortion

There are a half million species of insects worldwide and 10,000 species of birds worldwide, but only one species of human being (homo sapiens). Per the lyrics of an 1848 song and partially quoted by James Herriot in his book, “All things bright and beautiful”: “All things bright and beautiful. All creatures great and small. All things wise and wonderful. The Lord God made them all.”

So of the three species named in God’s creation, which is able to send a man to the moon, compile an online encyclopedia or compose a piano concerto? If you guessed species No. 3 you guessed correctly! According to Psalm 139, “You formed my inward parts; You covered me in my mother’s womb…I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” If these thoughts help one girl or woman to avoid an abortion, it was worth the time it took to write them down.

Karen Strand