Letters to the Editor

Those with courage spoke up for schools at Capitol

I attended the rally at the Capitol along with 4,000 other individuals willing to take their message to the streets of Olympia in support of our public schools. I heard the voices from the people who attended: fully fund Initiative 1351, fully fund educator COLAs, stop the standardized testing madness, and let the profession be led by the professionals.

There was one voice present that couldn’t be heard. It couldn’t be heard because the message was being sent from thousands of feet in the air by an airplane that did not want to be identified because it reportedly had the tail numbers obscured. I more than welcome a debate on the issues of public education in our state. I’m more than willing to meet you at sea level to have that debate. Flying your message around the Capitol building was an act of cowardice. Four thousand individuals had the courage to come to the Capitol with their message. You did not.

Adam Brickell, President, Olympia Education Association