Letters to the Editor

VA health system offers care as good as any other

I just finished the recent Veterans Administration article by Lewis Kamb. I only wish to convey my personal experience in the VA system (some 70-plus years).

The VA health care system is like any other that hires an employee. They do their best. However, every profession has its culls and the VA is no different. However, the article states that: “He drank more...” and I have one question. Did that and pain meds result in a premature activity that would destroy the surgery repair work? Mr. Kamb has used this incident to lambast the entire VA medical care system.

I have a 100 percent service connected disability rating. I have found that the hands on medical personnel to be exceptional. Yes! In these years, I have changed doctors only twice. The system has diagnosed me with and treated me for every medical problem resulting from a toxic gas exposure. Even though there have been a couple of questionable incidents in these past years, I have not faulted the system as a whole. I wish others would stop doing it. I believe that the VA medical care is as good as, or even better than, the average care in the private sector.

William Cramer