Letters to the Editor

Andrew Jackson deserves to stay on 20-dollar bill

A campaign is under way to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill with a woman. The effort should fail for two reasons:

1) The redesign of paper currency is complicated and expensive. Replacing Jackson would give us very little value and that money would be better used to help disabled veterans, the homeless or others in need.

2) The campaign is based on the premise that women make-up half of our population thus they deserve to be represented on our currency. This is a specious argument because none of the people now on our paper currency are there because they are part of a particular demographic. They earned that place of honor. All of them are universally acclaimed by historians as among the 10 most important American leaders.

Andrew Jackson is not an exception. He literally spent his entire life in service to America. He was a boy-soldier during the revolution. He lost his entire family and became an impoverished orphan during that war. He served on the Tennessee Supreme Court and in both the U.S. House and Senate. He was governor of the territory of Florida. He was a major-general in the army and was important in our victory in the War of 1812. His presidency transformed the Office of the President and American government into the model that has been followed since.

There are lots of Americans of both genders who are very accomplished. Few rank with Jackson. He shouldn’t be pushed aside simply because he isn’t female.

Dean Uribe