Letters to the Editor

If Mariners lack class, what about the Seahawks?

This is in response to the April 25 letter, “Face of Mariners’ king wrong image for our team.” I’m not a fan of the pedestal the Mariner organization puts King Felix on, or his choice of a neck tattoo (has Mary Pendleton not noticed the numerous Seahawks players with tattoos all over their bodies?). But saying they have no class? How about the behavior displayed by Seahawks players in this year’s Super Bowl game alone?

A player who thinks he is bigger than the team, or game, so he does not speak to the media. After scoring a touchdown, a Seahawks player pantomimes defecation with the football. Finally, with the clock running out and facing defeat, a Seahawk defensive player throws a sucker punch, then runs away.

Sadly the story continues this week with the Seahawks organization, by drafting a player with a history of domestic violence and assault. There is no excuse for domestic violence. The Seahawks organization seems to love players who can only play after working themselves up into a violent rage. Who choose to display anti-social, bullying behavior, both on and off the field. It never ceases to amaze me that some people don’t seem to realize that footballis entertainment. Not the real world. They don’t have to abide by the same laws, conduct, punishments that everyone else in society has to. So “Bring on the Seahawks – the face of their franchise has class”? Really?

Steve Maxwell