Letters to the Editor

Lobbyist spending helps fuel inequality in U.S.

A gyrocopter, piloted by Mr. Hughes, landed at the U.S. Capitol to point out that money in politics is wrong for America. The rich and corporations are buying influence from, and elections for, our U.S. senators and representatives. It’s legal bribery – what lobbyists do for a living, transferring money from the rich and corporations to politicians for favorable legislation.

The Sunlight Foundation, in a study from 2007 to 2012, showed that a $6 billion investment in House and Senate politicians returned $4 trillion in contracts and assistance for the rich and corporations. Where else can you get such a fantastic return for your money?

Inequality, started by President Reagan, fueled by all the wealth going to the top 1 percent has reached unprecedented levels. I fear for our democracy as it is slowly chipped away with huge sums of money. All the wealth and income flowing to the top 1 percent is buying our politicians. The level of corruption is rampant.

Mostly Republicans are allowing the sale of our democracy with their unfair no tax pledges to Grover Norquist. They provide tax cuts to embolden the rich, allowing them to take away our equality. Fixing it requires a return of income and wealth taken from the middle class and the poor over 40 years, by taxing the rich fairly and ending legal bribery by taking money out of politics. The Supreme Court, with Citizens United and McCutcheon, must stop helping the rich with inequality.

Michael Fuller