Letters to the Editor

Bureaucracy gets in way of hiring a new employee

In late March it became apparent that my very small business was ready to take on its first employee and quick. First I had to re-file my business license. Just over a month later I finally received my L&I certificate. The last piece of the elaborate puzzle to bring on a worker and begin a payroll was the Employment Security Department’s ID number for unemployment insurance. I contacted them as over a month had passed with nary a sign of movement.

On May 4, I received the following answer to my email inquiry: “We have a huge backlog, the application was received but hasn’t been processed yet. All applications are processed in date order received and we are currently processing applications with the early March date.”

By that estimate it will be another month before I have the elusive information. In the state of Washington it takes two months or more to hire a first employee? Despite the need, my long hesitancy to hire an employee because of slow-moving bureaucracy appears vindicated.

David Adelson