Letters to the Editor

Sales tax system needscomplete restructuring

According to the April 26 editorial , Gov. Jay Inslee is pushing for a tax on capital gains on high earners. To me, this is a form of income tax. My understanding of the Washington state Constitution is that any tax on the people must be a tax on all the people in our state and not on a particular class of people. Therefore this tax on the wealthy is illegal.

We are a sales tax state. To increase our sales tax base, get rid of all exemptions passed by our Legislature. Each time the Legislature grants an exemption to our sales tax, use tax or business tax, it erodes the sales tax base our state operates by. A state income tax failed several times when put to a vote by the people. Why – because the people are afraid the Legislature will raise the sales tax.

Now I am rambling. Don’t pass laws you cannot enforce. Restructure the total state sales tax system.

Don Beatty