Letters to the Editor

Money talks but sometimes we don’t have to listen

On May 3, I read in the paper that some oyster producers in our area planned to dust neurotoxins on their beds by helicopter. The Department of Ecology approved this process, to control burrowing shrimp in the beds, against the advice of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and National Oceanic Atmospheric Association. I thought, here’s another example of money taking precedence over the health concerns of people and other animals. Then on Monday, the very next day, I read that residents across the state had voiced their concerns that same day and the oyster farms had changed their minds about contaminating the beds.

Just look what can happen and how quickly we can get our priorities straight when we try. In that same Monday paper I also read that new oil train safety rules have gone from bad to worse, in that the railroads are being made exempt from public disclosure and will share information only with emergency responders. Why would the government loosen restrictions on the filthy, greedy process of raping the earth and carrying their dangerous substances through our land? Money talks but we don’t have to listen. Speak up.

Diana Lofing