Letters to the Editor

New commissioners better idea than county charter

Proponents of changing our county government with a new charter believe that we need more representatives. Instead of three commissioners, these people are calling for five. But the problems Thurston County has faced in the past won’t be solved with a new form of government, rather the problems will be solved with electing new representatives – a solution that requires smarter voters, not changing the form of government.

But for people who think having more representatives is a good idea, then there is some good news: Our existing form of government allows for five commissioners upon reaching a population threshold of 300,000 (RCW 36.32.055). We are currently at 262,388. In a few years we will be eligible to add two more commissioners.

Restructuring the entire county form of government will only result in a more expensive, less responsive government. Oppose the home rule charter being pushed by professional politicians. Instead, become more involved and elect better representatives.

Matthew E. Hayward