Letters to the Editor

Why not equal justice for big name athletes?

Am I the only person who has had enough of sports reporters pontificating and bloviating about the morality of college and professional athletes? Does anyone think news commentators should run our justice system whenever athletes are involved? Does the principle of “innocent until proven guilty” not apply to athletes?

Anyone who is found guilty by the U.S. legal system (not the court of public opinion) of battering his or her spouse should be punished to the full extent of the law. People who are wealthy, famous, and/or amazing athletes should receive exactly the same punishment as any other guilty person. But, the fact that you are a prominent athlete should not mean that you receive additional punishment, or be denied the chance to work or play again.

People who have been convicted of a crime and who have served their sentences should not then automatically be denied employment. That is doubly true of people who have been accused but who have not been convicted. That applies to athletes the same as it does to anyone else, including reporters, columnists and TV commentators.

Carl Schroeder