Letters to the Editor

Gunn saga made the case for new port commission

Somewhere in Hades, Ebenezer Scrooge is handing out awards for supreme selfishness disguised as a helping hand. And winner this year goes to Port Commissioner Bill McGregor’s relentless attack on another commissioner Sue Gunn while she was trying to re-group after open heart surgery. Hospital records indicate that Gunn still has a functioning heart where McGregor’s aggressive attempt reveals only a lump of coal in his chest.

The second award goes to the grinning Cheshire cat George Barner for his smiling silence. The storied-book image of Olympia as a friendly, tolerant, creative place has been given a black eye by these two selfish or apathetic port commissioners. If you are embarrassed or offended by their behavior then you know we must elect new, compassionate, caring, talented commissioners and throw these unworthy two out of office.

Martin Kimeldorf