Letters to the Editor

Park and ride lot is turning into hellhole

If you have friends or relatives visiting from out of town and plan to take them to the ocean beaches or around the peninsula to view majestic Hurricane Ridge and the beautiful Hoh rain forest, be sure to stop at the DOT’s Mud Bay park and ride. Just park anywhere since the parking stripes have worn away to the point they are not visible.

It’s the perfect spot to stretch you legs, and you can play games with the kids. Send them off to see who can be the first to find a hypodermic needle, or the alcohol beverage container with the highest alcohol content. Show them the piles of broken glass where car windows have been broken out and contents stolen. If you’re lucky you might even find some discarded furniture.

For your first nature walk you can hike the William Cannon trail that starts in the northeast corner and see where wildlife has defecated and cleaned themselves with fast food napkins. This gem of public space is provided by the Olympic Region of the Department of Transportation, but, as explained by their spokesperson, they couldn’t do it without the help of the Legislature and their refusal to provide adequate funding for the park and ride program.

Oh yes, if you plan to visit, don’t do it at night as the two lonely light fixtures make it hard to see the trash, needles, etc.

Gary Rothwell