Letters to the Editor

Pay raises usually are given for good work

Teachers need more pay. And yet again the education establishment is asking for more money. Let’s see, guaranteed full retirement with medical and dental benefits for life, summers off, many half days, “service” days and on and on and on it goes – and they want more.

Several decades ago the U.S. education system was the best in the world. Now ... Math – 27th among 34 OECD countries and 36th among 65 overall in 2012. Science – 20th among 34 OECD countries and 28th among 65 overall in 2012. Reading – 21st among 34 OECD countries in 2012.

Why should we continue to throw money at a failed system? Get the USA back to being number one in the world again instead of worrying about lining your pockets; then we can consider giving you a pay raise for actually doing a good job which is the reason why people normally get pay raises.

Mike Johnson