Letters to the Editor

National parks backlog is opportunity for jobs

Talk about an epiphany! The May 4 article in The Olympian about “$500 million backlog of work” in national parks hit me like a ton of fieldstone – go and see Millersylvania State Park and hundreds of other state parks around America. I remember the CCC (Civilian Conversation Corps) in the 1930s when CCC boys were stationed near Maytown and literally created our Millersylvania State Park.

Men came from all over America to get good jobs helping to build all areas of the country. They wanted to work and were willing to work hard. They were strong, handsome young men who dated local girls and even found sweet wives. My sister-in-law in Arizona married a gentleman from Tennessee and they lived happily ever after.

Let us, one and all, urge our congressmen and women to start a big movement in Washington, D.C., and get President Obama’s attention long enough to sign up – or better yet, enlist – the hundreds of unemployed men and women to rebuild our beautiful parks and reduce the price from $500 million to enough to employ and feed our “unworking class” and also get the job done. Working people are happy people.

Mary Margaret McFarland