Letters to the Editor

NFL finally delivers on cheating Patriots, Brady

A wealthy real estate investor friend said to me when I was considering real estate, “You can’t go wrong by doing things right.” And he said, “Walk away if it doesn’t feel right.” I tell my clients, “There is no excuse for misbehavior but there are reasons for it and consequences of it.”

The very wealthy, non-profit National Football League and the very wealthy New England Patriots and very wealthy Tom Brady are at odds. Apparently Brady and the Patriots cheated, and because of past failures to discipline players and probably teams, the NFL is giving “the consequences” to Tom and the Pats. I give a pat on the back to the NFL and believe their consequences for both Tom and the Pats should be even greater even though this is better than nothing. And by the way, NFL, are you really a non-profit, in truth not fiction?

Two more questions. What do most stars, teams, corporations and politicians say to us and our children about responsibility when they take none for their wrongs and admit no wrongdoing and deny any culpability? What do we as citizens do about that? Sadly it seems for most of us not much.

Gary Campbell