Letters to the Editor

Testing of students is not the real problem

Standardized tests – e.g., WASL and Common Core – are not the problem. We are.

True, they are unfair. Not adequately funded to provide equitable resources to all students. They are scored on a basis of one size fits all. Meaning that those students with learning disabilities and those who are more talented are scored on an equal basis.

To add insult to injury, teachers are to be evaluated on their student results. Disregarding the fact the classes do not have, and most likely cannot have, an equal balance of learning skills. Further, when parents opt their children out their tests are averaged in as a zero.

To opt a student out seems self defeating. It amounts to saying that when the going gets tough, quit. I don’t think this is the message we wish to send to our children. There is an old adage which says, “Teachers are trained to teach, students come to learn.” Teachers I know and work with are dedicated to their student’s learning. But it seems that not all students come to school with an attitude to learn.

Another old adage says, “Learning begins in the home.” Who was the cartoonist who said, “We have seen the enemy and he is us.”

Jack Reynolds