Letters to the Editor

Millionaires need to pay more to fund our schools

I was disappointed with the recent editorial, “Not all millionaires are created equal.” As a new father I am very concerned about our state’s failure to adequately fund education.

Senate Republicans continue to give $116 million away in tax cuts to the wealthy and big corporations while our schools are forced to pass levies every year just to do basic maintenance. The fact that about half of those Senate Republicans are millionaires themselves makes it even more irksome. Are they worried their campaign donors will not foot the bill when they run for office in the future, or is it self-interest that keeps them from closing tax loopholes and passing a capital gains tax on the wealthiest Washingtonians?

I love this state and my wife and I want to continue raising our family here. But we have the most regressive tax system in the country – meaning that average people like us pay more than Sen. Andy Hill or other millionaires in our state.

It’s time we restore a little fairness to the system and ask the wealthy to pay their fair share, instead of continuing to ask middle class families to foot the bill with increased property taxes, gas taxes, and sales taxes.

Brandon Anderson