Letters to the Editor

True boycott of Israel would set us all back

I laugh when I read headlines in The Olympian like the one saying: “To stifle boycott, Israel needs a two-state solution.”

Boycotting Israel’s advancements in technology, medicine, agriculture and other areas would return us to life prior to 1948 when Israel became a modern nation. We would have to banish cellphones, computers, voicemail and recorded messages, texting, 4G devices, answer no phone calls, watch no video on demand or use other devices because some or all of the technologies behind them were developed in Israel.

If you seriously want to boycott Israel, do not go to a doctor and, above all, stay away from the pharmacy. Many of our pharmaceuticals are developed and/or manufactured in Israel. Israel has been at the forefront in the fight against many diseases such as cancer, diabetes and other serious ailments. If you wear or plan to buy diamonds, remember the majority of them were cut in Israel.

Adding cherry tomatoes to your salad would void your boycott of Israel because they developed cherry tomatoes that would not spoil before they reach the market. If you question my facts and hold true to your boycott of Israel, you have no way to check this letter’s validity. You cannot use a search engine, since they rely on Israeli technology to operate. Nor can you check out the Facebook page that produced this information and tons of information I left out because even Facebook uses some technology that originated in Israel.

Mildred Kavanaugh