Letters to the Editor

US Open course played the way it was meant to

I so looked forward to the U.S. Open Golf tournament from the first day I read it would be played at Chambers Bay. My hope was that I would live long enough to see it happen. I obviously made it.

I played the course for the last time in April 2015 and could see what was in store for the pros. Tiger Woods, for example, suffering from his collision with the fireplug as well as his golf game. He and the dreamers could stay to watch the winner or go home early.

Then in May I received my copy of Pacific NW Golfer magazine. I read every word over and over: Troy Andrew’s essay, and the words of the Open championship director, Danny Sink.

I am not pleased with those who complained about the condition of the greens. I thought the course was exactly as Sink wanted it to be. I am not happy with Fox Sports’ lousy job. Seattle should have only been mentioned once at the beginning; they should have zeroed in on the history of Steilacoom, and talked more about University Place, the quaint and beautiful Gig Harbor and Puget Sound. Or as Fox called it, Porschoe Sound.

Where was the blimp? Every hole looked dismal and forlorn from ground level. They do fine doing baseball and football. Keep them in a stadium.

Charlie E. Brough