Letters to the Editor

Nuclear power deserves bigger role in supply

Perhaps someone out there believes as I do that our nation is wasting our potential use of nuclear power to provide electrical energy. It seems that we have a paralysis of mind or spirit. There have been nearly no new start-ups of nuclear power plants since the early ’80s.

I know that people fear disasters like Three Mile Island. But if you stop to think about it, no one died there. The only person that I can think of who was ever exposed to nuclear radiation happened at Hanford due to a chemical explosion.

Over the years nuclear energy has a very clean record. With the advent of electric cars we will need extra power for them soon. We could build small plants and position them at strategic places along major highways to supply them with charging stations. This is daydreaming, but it could happen; some day cars might be like street cars, get their power from overhead wires. With global warming we have only one defense.

We could set up desalination plants along our coasts and produce potable water. California needs that now, and with nuclear power they could produce enough water to irrigate their farms, plus produce hydrogen for fuel as a byproduct. No carbon dioxide. We need to remind people that our plant at Hanford has run for something like 40 years. It has run silently and efficiently; no one even knows it’s there. We need hundreds of these across our nation.

Randy Faulkner