Letters to the Editor

Portrait of woman on $10 bill would be disruptive

There are two things that unsettle me about liberals. Liberals like to give people things based on affirmative action rather than merit, and we have a penchant for grand plans without worrying about the cost. The Olympian is obviously liberal because it did both when it said “YAY: Woman On $10 Bill ...”

Portraits on our paper currency have, except for minor changes made for security reasons, been visually the same since 1929. This is because business and finance greatly value continuity. American money is the major currency used internationally. Any change we make in what it looks like is disruptive on a worldwide basis because it requires money-related machines to be reprogrammed. There are millions of those machines so the cost is significant.

It is irresponsible to cause that disruption and expense unless there is a national imperative that requires it or it prevents forgery. Adding a female image is neither of these. The portraits currently on our paper currency have been there for 86 years. The reason they are there is that they earned it. They were chosen because they are among our very most prominent leaders.

We are about to give one of these hallowed places to someone based mainly on the fact that she is female. This act of affirmative action will make many liberals feel good but it tarnishes all of us. It is shameful.

Dean Uribe