Letters to the Editor

Bernie Sanders can make freedom’s bell toll again

The Supreme Court unexpectedly let in some light when they decided Americans could love whom they want, get quality-affordable health care, and protect their environment. Now I get to re-cycle an old John Birch Society slogan. I’d like to say to the right wing extremists – The new America, Love It Or Leave It!

Lacking social wedge issues, the conservative elites and fundamentalists will surely try again. They’ll claim that religious discrimination is a right, rather than a tyranny. They’ll claim the EPA’s attempt to protect our food supply, air, or water is government overreach.

For those who must keep hating gays I say go back to Russia. And for those yearning to live in the past let me buy you a ticket to the Middle East.

What’s next? Perhaps the entitlement mentality of the wealthy elites will come to an end if we elect someone like Bernie Sanders. He’ll require fat cats pay their fair share of taxes. And, once we take away their power to buy politicians I hope to hear freedom’s bells toll once again.

Martin Kimeldorf