Letters to the Editor

Help honey bee swarms by cutting pesticide use

I would like to commend The Olympian for the excellent articles on the serious problem of swarm collapse. If anyone has any doubt about the effect of pesticides on honey bees, they can check out the documentary “More Than Honey” at the library and see what happens to the bees immediately after being sprayed.

These pollinators are essential to our supply of food and can’t be taken for granted. Join with Interfaith Works in asking merchants to phase out products with neonicotinoids and to stock plants that haven’t been sprayed. We will give them an attractive certificate that can be displayed to show that they care and are complying to save the bees.

We will also publish them in our monthly newsletter which goes out to many faith communities. I understand Home Depot, Lowe’s and Ace are phasing out their products.

Pat Perry