Letters to the Editor

Renewal area threatens Heritage fountain plan

The latest proposed city of Olympia Community Renewal Area (CRA) boundary change is threatening the Olympia- and state-approved plan and vision for the Heritage Park fountain block. This CRA proposal limits past approved plans and vision for the Heritage Park block.

As a past member of the Olympia Planning Commission, this CRA proposal makes a sad joke of Olympia’s past planning and policy processes going back the mid-1980s. This city proposal is shocking to many of my Olympia neighbors and friends, who do not like that the fact that the current Olympia City Council could renege on prior commitments to the state of Washington, private donors and Olympia voters with regard to the Heritage Park fountain block.

Please feel free to strongly remind the current council about the large amount of private money donated for the fountain, public funds spent with regard to the fountain block plan; the large amount of Olympia citizen volunteer time in planning and visioning the fountain block and broader Olympia isthmus transitional area from the Olympia downtown to the residential neighborhoods on the west side.

Current fountain area usage is a great measure of need, now and in the future. The current City Council needs to be intelligent in preventing likely negative consequences from changing the size of the approved Heritage Park Fountain Block.

Jeffrey J. Jaksich