Letters to the Editor

Sexual identity correction short of surgery

A letter writer responded to my recent letter to the editor about gender disorder, quoting other experts who apparently disagree with the fact that it’s relatively easy, as well as appropriate, to assist confused children to psychologically recognize, and be comfortable with their actual sex — short of major surgery.

I find it hard to believe that responsible parents would want to inflict such surgery upon their child to supposedly correct a life of gender confusion, especially if it’s relatively easy to correct this mental disorder short of such surgery.

Furthermore, it seems we’ve reached the point where the highly reputable medical professional I’ve quoted — Dr. Paul McHugh of Johns Hopkins, and medical organizations — such as The American College of Pediatricians, are being attacked by the “LGBT” movement because they have been successful in restoring such confused children to their appropriate sexual identity without surgery. One doesn’t have to be a genius to see the absurdity of this whole situation.

In conclusion, it’s seems to me that, although it’s obviously inappropriate to discriminate against those who identify themselves as LGBT, it should be likewise obvious that those responsible organizations, and medical professionals who are attempting to restore the correct gender identity in children (the one they were born with) without surgery prior to puberty should not be condemned.