Pay for parks, not arena

Hi Chester,

Your article on Tuesday was great! I certainly agree that the $400 million that the Sonics want would be much better spent on the State Parks. Let these high-paying guys pay for their own stadium. Let the people pay for the people's parks.

James Boone, Olympia


Thanks for your kind words. I did get a thoughtful letter from someone who doesn't agree with me on the Sonics, but she asked me not to publish it. I think it's important that we all feel free to talk about this proposal - and remain friends.

That said, millionaires have no business creeping up to the Capitol and asking for public money.



Speaking of birds. ... A few nights ago, right before dark, there were two birds circling overhead making lots of noise. At first they sounded similar to "geese" but when I looked at them they were say maybe a bit bigger than a crow? Any ideas?


Sonia, I suspect those birds were ravens, which look a lot like crows - they're related - but they're a lot bigger and even louder.

Ravens look like crows, but they have a bigger beak and sport shaggy throat feathers. Ravens also have a deeper call.

I've seen ravens pick clams off the beach and fly over a nearby parking lot, where they drop the shellfish to break them open. They're smart, smart birds.