Angler lands 'million-to-one' rainbow trout

Hooking a fish is a challenge for many anglers.

But hooking a swivel?

Angler Archie Acherman of Parkland caught a trout in an unusual fashion while fishing Spanaway Lake earlier this month.

Acherman was trolling a Wedding Ring/worm combination slowly at the south end of the lake when his fishing pole, which was in a holder, suddenly took a sharp dip. Acherman knew he had a fish on and began to reel his line in.

Bringing the fish to the surface, Acherman noticed something extraordinary about the 13-inch rainbow trout he had caught.

"I was looking at the fish and couldn't believe my eyes," Acherman said. "My hook had passed through the eye of a swivel hanging out of the trout's mouth. I was absolutely astounded because the chances of my hook passing through the eye of that swivel was a million-to-one."