Seahawks fans, your team is out of the playoffs. Here’s your guide of who to root for and against

Fans stand during a rendition of the national anthem before an NFL wild card playoff football game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Los Angeles Chargers, Sunday, Jan. 6, 2019, in Baltimore. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)
Fans stand during a rendition of the national anthem before an NFL wild card playoff football game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Los Angeles Chargers, Sunday, Jan. 6, 2019, in Baltimore. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster) AP

Your team can’t win all the time. That’s life for Seahawks fans who are still feeling the sting of last Saturday’s loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

But you don’t have to be without football. Here’s how to still have an interest in the NFL playoffs.

For gambling purposes or just so you can have a team to root for, there’s no shame in adopting a team for the next few weeks. Here’s a look at the teams still left and why you should, or should not, root for them.

Indianapolis Colts

Why you should root for them

The Colts have a pretty interesting story. They started out the season 1-5 but things turned around in a big way. The Colts have won five in a row and nine out of

They were the last team to get into the playoffs in the final game of the season in a Sunday Night Football victory over the Tennessee Titans. They’ve done good with their playoff fortune and are in the Divisional round vs. the Kansas City Chiefs, a team they’ve seen in the playoffs three times and have defeated three times as well. ... 3-0 against in the playoffs.

Why you should root against them

Can they really win it all? If the Colts beat the Chiefs, they’d be facing the winner of the Los Angeles-Chargers - New England Patriots game in the AFC championship game, where they would likely be an underdog again. And in the Super Bowl, there’s no way they would be favored over the NFC’s participant.

Kansas City Chiefs

Why you should root for them

The Kansas City Chiefs have the breakout star of 2018, quarterback Patrick Mahomes. His unbridled joy and big plays have captured the hearts of NFL fans everywhere, so why not yours?

Why you should root against them

The Chiefs haven’t won a home playoff game in 25 years. For lack of a better term, the Chiefs haven’t just choked in playoff game it is more along the lines of projectile vomiting. In the last 11 playoff games, the Chiefs are 1-10. Not only is that a reason why you shouldn’t root for them but I’d make the case it’s a reason you should say the hell away from them.

Los Angeles Chargers

Why you should root for them

Much like the Colts, the Chargers are an underdog story. They barely have any fans, playing before opponent-friendly crowds in a soccer stadium in Carson. In their wild card game, their defense made Baltimore quarterback’s Lamar Jackson’s life a living hell and now they get to play at New England with momentum on on their side. Do NFL fans want to see another conference championship weekend with the New England Patriots in it? Root for the Chargers.

Why you should root against them

Quarterback Philip Rivers can be annoying sometimes; he’s the type of guy you love if he’s on your team but not if he’s an opponent.

Plus, even if you decided to jump on the Chargers’ bandwagon, it could be a short ride. They go to Foxboro and not many have beaten the Patriots at home in the Tom Brady era. Since 2001 the Patriots have lost in the playoffs at home just twice (2010 and 2012). History is not on the Chargers side this week.

New England Patriots

Why you should root for them

As much as people want to say they hate dynasties, they are what keep eyes on the sport. The New England Patriots have a chance to win their second Super Bowl in three seasons and would give Tom Brady his sixth Super Bowl in his stellar career. We want to see the best keep it going, right?

Why you should root against them

It’s the freaking Patriots! And Tom Brady! And Bill Belichick! Do you know how annoying they are?

Let’s be real, the last two Super Bowls they’ve won were garbage. One was a fluke slant pass that Malcolm Butler intercepted, the other was a gift from the football gods as Atlanta gave up a 28-3 lead. If you don’t want to see the Patriots in another Super Bowl in your lifetime, then I don’t blame you.

Dallas Cowboys

Why you should root for them

As much as some of you don’t want to admit it, the Dallas Cowboys are actually better for the NFL when they’re winning. The Cowboys have been a bit of a surprise as they rebounded from a rough mid-season stretch. They have a young core with Amari Cooper, Dak Prescott and Zeke Elliott so they’re going to be around awhile. And should they win it all, Seahawks fans can say they beat the world champs during the regular season.

Why you shouldn’t root for them.

Two words, “America’s Team.” Nothing makes your eyes roll like hearing those words. Also, Seattle lost to Dallas last week; why would you wanna root for the team that knocked the Seahawks out?

Los Angeles Rams

Why you should root for them

The Rams have brought a fun vibe back to Los Angeles and with a young coach and a dynamic offense. A win sets up a chance for them to host the NFC championship game in the historic LA Coliseum.

Why you shouldn’t root for them

What division to the Rams play in? .... That’s right, the NFC West with the Seahawks. You don’t want to hear, “Defending champion Los Angeles Rams” next season, do you? Root for the Cowboys, as much as it might pain you.

Philadelphia Eagles

Why you should root for them

Two reasons: If the Eagles win the Super Bowl, they’ll have won back-to-back championships, which means you can stop hearing about how the Patriots are the last team to do that; and for Nick Foles. Foles, who led them to the Super Bowl last season by beating Brady’s boys in replace of injured Carson Wentz, is trying to repeat that feat again. That’s cool.

Why you shouldn’t root for them

A nightmare scenario would be the NFC championship game between the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles. Think about that for a second.... makes you not wanna root for the Eagles, doesn’t it?

New Orleans Saints

Why you should root for them

Drew Brees is having another season where he’s cementing his Hall of Fame legacy, and this is probably the best team they’ve had since they won Super Bowl XLIV. If you wanna have some fun with one of the NFL’s more entertaining regional rivalries, the Saints winning Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta would be hilarious and awesome.

Why you shouldn’t root for them

First off, if you’re a Falcons fan then you want nothing to do with a Saints Super Bowl celebration in your home stadium. Would you wanna see this? I’m sure you don’t.