Seahawks-Chiefs trade of Frank Clark rocked the NFL. Here’s some of the reaction

Analyzing the Seahawks’ options in the 2019 NFL Draft

Gregg Bell breaks down who the Seattle Seahawks might take in this year's NFL Draft.
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Gregg Bell breaks down who the Seattle Seahawks might take in this year's NFL Draft.

Tuesday’s mid-morning trade that has defensive end Frank Clark going from Seattle to Kansas City has sent the NFL world into a buzz just days away from the 2019 NFL Draft.

Did the Seahawks or Chiefs win the trade? What does this mean for Seattle in the draft and is Kansas City in line to not only reach the Super Bowl, but win it? Here’s a look at those questions — and more:

Frank Clark in a conversation with ESPN’s Josina Anderson

According to Sportsline, the CBS analytics and gambling site the Chiefs are now betting favorites to win Super Bowl LIV.

“The addition of Clark improves the Chiefs’ chances of winning the Super Bowl by 3.2 percent. Before the deal, the Chiefs had the fourth-best odds of winning the Super Bowl. However, with Clark now on the team, the Chiefs are now being given an 18.8 percent chance to win the Lombardi Trophy, which is the highest number in the NFL (the Saints, Patriots and Rams all rank just behind the Chiefs).”

Pro Football Focus thinks the Seahawks actually got the better of the trade.

Seattle now has multiple options and an additional first round pick to deal with when the draft starts on Thursday night. With Kansas City giving up as much as they did for Frank Clark, they may have paid a steep price especially when you think about the deal that sent Dee Ford to San Francisco.

Kansas City only picked up a 2020 second round pick, meanwhile the Seahawks got the following.

-Kansas City Chiefs 2019 1st round pick (29th overall)

-Kansas City Chiefs 2nd round pick in 2020

-Swapping of 3rd round picks in the 2019 NFL Draft

Here’s what Frank Clark’s newest teammates are saying about him.

With the new, comes the old. Here are some of the goodbyes from Clark’s now-former Seahawks teammates.

There was one person who was NOT sad to see Clark leave the NFC West, LA Rams head coach Sean McVay.