For Sonics, trade talk just noise as deadline looms

SEATTLE - As Seattle SuperSonics general manager Rick Sund wandered around his office at the Furtado Center on Wednesday, his players practiced on the floor below, knowing that upstairs the telephone in Sunds hand could change the course of their lives.

Today is the annual trade deadline in the NBA, a time of great activity among the leagues GMs and great consternation among players, particularly those who know their names are being shopped.

Sonics point guard Luke Ridnour said he has heard his name mentioned in discussions with the Atlanta Hawks. And though it seems unlikely anything will happen, Ridnour said he still allows the thoughts to rattle around the rear of his cranium.

"I try not to worry about it," Ridnour said. "But I think for every player, (concern) is something that happens. But you can't control it, so for me you just go about your business, you keep playing and when that day comes you hope it comes and goes."

At this time last year, Sund who declined to speak with reporters on Wednesday made a number of deals that jettisoned Vladimir Radmanovic, Reggie Evans, Ronald Murray and Vitaly Potapenko and netted Earl Watson, Mike Wilks and Chris Wilcox.

This year, with an ownership group intent on vetting the teams arena situation, and the future location of the organization uncertain, there is little likelihood Sund will do anything or will be permitted to do anything.

The Ridnour deal is not likely to happen because the Sonics are asking the Hawks for a first-round draft pick, which Atlanta does not want to relinquish. And Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis both have been mentioned prominently in rumors, but all have been speculation and none have been substantiated.

"I don't anticipate (anything happening), but in the last hour somebody may lose their mind and offer you something you can't turn down," Sonics coach Bob Hill said as his team prepared to play the New Orleans Hornets on Friday night in Louisiana. "I don't anticipate that happening either.

"But it is just one of those times where you have to wait and see what happens. I can tell you this: all of us love our team, love the character on our team. I would think it would have to be an awfully good deal for Rick to pull the trigger on anything."