Post wrong on Sonics F Lewis

The Seattle SuperSonics and the agent for Rashard Lewis called erroneous a report in the New York Post that Lewis did not apply properly for free agency and might have to play out the remainder of his contract.

"It is a lot of to-do about nothing," said Tony Dutt, Lewis' agent, who was hired in February to replace Carl Poston.

"The Sonics came out and said he is a free agent and the (players) union said he is a free agent and I said he is a free agent. There is no legs to (the report) at all."

The Post's Peter Vecsey cited a "lawyer privy to the language in Lewis' contract" as saying Lewis had to opt out of the final two years of his contract either April 18, the last day of the regular season, or between June 1 and June 5 - though Vecsey was not clear because his report said June 1 was the second deadline with a five-day grace period, which would make the last date June 6.

In any case, the report said that because Dutt informed the Sonics of Lewis' intentions either May 25 or 26, he might not be permitted to opt out and must play out the final two years and $21 million of his current contract.

"Rashard is a free agent," Sonics spokesman Tom Savage said. "The Sonics understand that Rashard is a free agent, and Rashard's side understands that Rashard is a free agent. There is nothing else to say."