Legends and Leaders (and lots of laughter)

Legends and Leaders strike lots of folks as Losers.

But that’s to be expected in the first response to something as subjective as names, Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany said Monday in announcing the conference’s football teams will be divided into six-team divisions called Legends and Leaders next season.

“Any time you have something new,” Delany said, “it takes some time to get used to.”

Minnesota will play in the Legends Division, along with Iowa, Northwestern, Michigan, Michigan State and new member Nebraska, while Gophers arch-rival Wisconsin will compete for the Leaders Division title along with Illinois, Purdue, Indiana, Ohio State and Penn State.


Offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn is staying put in Auburn, and he’ll be handsomely rewarded for doing so. Malzahn, who reportedly turned down a lucrative head coaching offer from Vanderbilt on Monday in the neighborhood of $3 million a year, was rewarded with a contract extension from Auburn that will more than double his salary, making him one of the highest paid assistants in the country. … Iowa starting running back Adam Robinson won’t make the trip to the Insight Bowl for failing to comply with team policies, and oft-injured back Jewel Hampton will transfer.