Expect chaos to be rule

Frantic. Chaotic. Ragged. That will be the NFL for the next few weeks, perhaps longer.

Everything about the next few weeks, perhaps months, will be tough.

The lockout erased all offseason activities; dozens of players, particularly rookies and those whose coaching staffs have changed, haven’t seen playbooks yet. And it prevented players from working out at team facilities.

Now the product on the field might not match what the NFL usually provides, and that could be the biggest impact of the 41/2-month lockout.

“Chaos,” Jets fullback Tony Richardson said Monday after the players’ executive committee and team representatives approved a labor agreement with the league. “That’s the best word for it — chaos.”

That can’t be a good thing.

“I don’t think the product is going to be as good as early, especially if we have to play a preseason game as it’s scheduled on a week’s practice,” Cardinals star receiver Larry Fitzgerald said.

If fans thought exhibition games were ugly affairs before, just wait. The first two weeks of exhibitions might look like scrimmages — college scrimmages.

“I think we have to be very careful with these training camp practices and preseason games,” Bengals tight end Reggie Kelly said.