U.S. Open brings money, and interest in golf

The U.S. Open will run June 18–21 at Chambers Bay, but monetary effects already are being felt and others will follow in its wake.

“The economic impact is really prior to the championship, and then post championship,” senior director Reg Jones said Monday. “But based on the numbers that we’ve been able to go back to our past championships, we’d expect that to be about $140 million. Primarily that’s driven by tourism with hotels, restaurants, travel; but certainly prior to the championship with all the construction, with preparations.”

Not all of the impacts can be so easily quantified, executive director Mike Davis added.

“These championships do inspire the recreational game,” he said. “In some cases, there are people who have never played golf who will come here and now want to play golf. … That’s really why we conduct these championships, to help sustain the game long term.”