Replay gives Braves winning home run

ATLANTA - Brian McCann stood at second base, convinced he had hit a game-winning homer.

His teammates gathered along the first-base line, ready to celebrate.

After 86 seconds, umpire crew chief Tim McClelland popped out of the Florida dugout, looked toward McCann and twirled his right index finger — the signal for a home run.

Upon further review, the Braves win.

McCann capped a stunning comeback with a replay-assisted homer that gave Atlanta a 7-6 victory over the Marlins on Sunday — the first time a game ended on a call using video.

Without it, McCann might have been credited only with a double and the game would have continued. Instead, he was jumping into the arms of his teammates after the umps took a second look, taking advantage of a limited replay rule that went into effect two years earlier almost to the day — Aug. 28, 2008 — to make sure they got these sorts of calls right.

“I heard it hit the back tin (wall), so I knew that wasn’t the sound of the pads,” McCann said. “I knew it was a homer. I was telling Tim McClelland, ‘I promise you it’s a homer, I heard it hit the back.’ ”

Pinch-hitter Matt Diaz tied the game with a two-run homer off Leo Nuñez (4-3) after Brooks Conrad led off the ninth with a walk. Nuñez retired the next two hitters, then McCann drove a 1-2 pitch toward the wall in right.

The ball bounced back onto the field, and the umpires initially ruled it was still in play. McCann stopped at second and began arguing that he should have more than a double.

The umpires conferred, then headed toward the tunnel alongside the Florida dugout to look at a replay that clearly showed the ball struck the top of the wall — right over McCann’s name on an auxiliary scoreboard — and went over. It ricocheted back onto the field off the wall in front of the seats.