All-stars to be paid

Players on the two Super Bowl teams who miss the Pro Bowl this year will get paid a full share.

Commissioner Roger Goodell has informed the 12 playoff teams that their all-stars who must skip the game because they are preparing for the Super Bowl won’t forfeit their earnings.

The Pro Bowl is being played before the Super Bowl for the first time. Both games will be at Dolphin Stadium in Miami, the Pro Bowl on Jan. 31, the Super Bowl on Feb. 7.

Burress still in jail

Plaxico Burress is not getting out of prison just yet.

The work-release application for the ex-Giants star was denied by the New York Department of Correctional Services because of the nature of his crime. Burress pleaded guilty in August to attempted criminal possession of a weapon for having a loaded handgun in a nightclub that went off and shot him in the leg. He is serving a two-year sentence.

“At no time did you report this incident to local law enforcement. As such, it is determined that you must serve a greater portion of your sentence prior to consideration for potential participation in the temporary release program,” the ruling said.