Seattle Seahawks

NFL: 5 things to watch, Week 2

1 Who’s next,

Vince Ferragamo?

The Rams are already on Plan C at quarterback. Former undrafted free agent Austin Davis hadn’t thrown a pass in a real game until last week, when he replaced injured Shaun Hill (thigh) — who had replaced Sam Bradford (knee) in August. Hill (quadriceps) hasn’t practiced this week, making it hard to fathom St. Louis was not-too-long ago “The Greatest Show on Turf.”

2 Will the 49ers’ new grass last?

San Francis … er, Santa Clara has already completely replaced the turf at new Levi’s Stadium, after one exhibition game. Seems the zillion-dollar new palace forget to buy good grass. If Jay Cutler throws two more interceptions like he did last week, the 49ers will win regardless of whether the playing surface is the stadium parking lot or neighboring San Francisco Bay.

3 The regal

Tom Bradys 0-2?

The Patriots’ face plant at Miami last week has all of New England as alarmed as if the British were coming (back). The Pats haven’t lost two in a row since weeks 2 and 3 of the 2012 season. But now they face a Vikings team that has far more pressing, real-life issues involving Adrian Peterson that trump trying to win a football game.

4 Are the Bills semi-for real?

A win in overtime on the road at Chicago last week. Then the team gets a new buyer — from Western New York instead of Toronto or Los Angeles or Lichtenstein or wherever else the Bills were rumored to be headed. It’s been a good week for Buffalo, and quarterback E.J. Manuel’s quest to “arrive” continues in the home opener. The Bills have been 2-0 just two times in the past 10 seasons.

5 Jake’s back — for a Titans uprising?

Nashville has fallen in love again with former UW quarterback Jake Locker. He returned from his injury-shortened 2013 last week and lit up Kansas City. He could be even more successful this week against the Cowboys. Tennessee hasn’t been 2-0 since 2008, Locker’s sophomore season at UW.