Adding an event to The Olympian's event calendar


All calendar listings for the Olympian's print edition are processed and re-published for print through the online Events Calendar Our venue-based online events calendar at calendar.theolympian.com is powered by the Zvents platform database, so your event is searchable on over 275 newspaper and media websites nationwide. The Olympian and The News Tribune share the zvents calendar platform, so you do not need to enter your event twice.

To get started on entering your event online, here are some easy steps to follow:

1. You must be a registered user and logged in to enter an event. If you are not registered, please visit The Olympian's registration center. By registering, you will also be able to participate in our reader comments, sign up for daily e-mail newsletters and get breaking news alerts. If you are a registered user and already logged in, skip to Step 6.

2. On the registration page, enter a user name (a.k.a. Member ID) and complete the required fields including date of birth. The optional fields and newsletter selections can be completed at any time after you register. Be sure to retrieve your confirmation email (takes about 15 minutes to arrive in your e-mail box) to activate your registration.

The confirmation e-mail contains a link to a confirmation page. Click the confirmation page link. After clicking the confirmation link, a Olympian registration center web page will launch and log you in automatically – you don't need to sign in again.

3. From the confirmation page, navigate to the events calendar at calendar.theolympian.com.

4. Once at the events calendar page, confirm that the calendar recognizes that you are logged in. On the calendar page, in the upper third of the page, is a search function bar shaded in grey. Under the search bar, at the far right, is the area that will acknowledge you are logged on by saying "Hello (yourusername)." It's right under "+ add your listings."

5. If instead you see "Home/Register/Login" just under "+ add to our listings" on the events calendar page, you are not logged in and will need to log in at the registration center. A few tricks to being logged in: a) when logging in select the box next to "remember me" b) when leaving The Olympian web site do not log off – when you return to the site it will recognize you and will keep you logged in.

6. Enter events at calendar.theolympian.com by selecting "+add to our listings" in the upper right corner near the top, right above your welcome message (that displays "Hello yourusername").

7. Then select "Create your event."

8. Every item that has an asterik (*) next to it must be completed. Remember to use proper punctuation as users will see your event listings online exactly as typed. Please no ALL CAPS – most users find them annoying and akin to shouting during a conversation.

9. Select an appropriate category from the drop down menu.

10. Any keywords may be used.

11. The easiest method for Date & Time is to select the start and end time (be sure the AM , PM is set correctly) and then click on the actual dates on the calendar that correspond with your event. If you have an ongoing event (every week, once or twice a month, etc.) select the "advanced view" tab.

Again, select your times, then select your start date. Under "event recurrence" click on the down arrow to see options, pick the applicable one. (Example: Your event meets every other Wednesday: select the down arrow and pick "weekly" then select the down arrow right below and select "every other" and click on box left of Wednesday. You will notice that an end date field has appeared under your original start date. You can select out as far as one year to end the listing.)

As dates are selected, you will see them appear in the preview. Also note you can remove any single date or all the dates if you want to start over.

12. The location or venue area has proven to be the most problematic for users. Our calendar contains a large database of locations (venues) that have already been entered. Venue search allows you to see if your location already exists in the database. In the "venue" field input only the name of your location i.e. Traditions Cafe, Timberline Library. Leave all the other fields alone and select the "Search" button at the bottom. The system will search the database and bring back a search result box. If the location does not exist, the system will tell you and ask if you would like to add it.

13. To add a location (venue) answer "yes" to the message and a new form will load. Fill in the required fields. Be sure to pick the type of venue i.e. church or school. Once you complete and submit, the system will take you back to your event form with your event location loaded.

14. Adding photos is a premium (paid) upgrade.

15. Submit your event by clicking on the "Submit" button.

All events are moderated, so your event submission is sent to an approval queue that is monitored by The Olympian staff. The moderation queue is checked 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday. A confirmation email will be sent to you when it is approved. If you enter an event outside those hours it will not be approved until the next working day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I'm at the calendar and entering my event, and although my name is showing in the upper left, I'm still not able to enter the event. Help!

A. This is an anomaly in browser settings involving cookies. You'll need to clear your browser cache and cookies and the problem should clear up. Go to this handy page for instructions on clearing browser cache.

Q. I own or manage a venue or restaurant that is listed in your calendar. Can I manage the events listed for my venue or restaurant?

A. Yes. If you own or manage a venue, we welcome your input in maintaining the listings in our database. After all, you know what's going on there much better than we do! Just claim your business by clicking the 'Claim it' link on the listing detail page for your venue.

Q. My event is already listed at a venue I don't own or operate, but the event information is incorrect. How can I change it?

A. Our zvents calendar automatically imports events from major venue websites. Be sure that the venue itself is listing your event correctly on their website. You may need to contact the venue owner or manager to get the venue's website information updated. Then contact us via email so that we can make the necessary corrections on the events calendar.

Q. After I log in and try to add a calendar event, I'm taken back to the Olympian registration center login screen. I can't get back to the add an event screen in the calendar.

A. This happens occasionally to users who have changed their e-mail address in their Olympian account. Because it takes time for the TNT's registration system and the zvents registration system to synch, the zvents system doesn't recognize you as a user. (Zvents uses both your member ID and your e-mail address to verify your identity.) If, after clicking the add an event link, you are taken back to the Olympian login page please email mary.anderson@thenewstribune.com or call 253-597-8673 and we can get the accounts synched.

Q. I entered my event at it's still not showing. What's up with that?

A. All events are moderated, so your event submission is sent to an approval queue that is monitored by The Olympian staff. The moderation queue is checked 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday. A confirmation email will be sent to you when it is approved. If you enter an event outside those hours it will not be approved until the next working day.

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Mary Anderson

The News Tribune and The Olympian

Tacoma, Wa.