Sexual assault is rooted in dehumanization

Over the past few years, the issue of consent and sexual assault have been prominent in the news. The Me Too movement has called the public to question some of the most powerful people in our culture But I want to call you to examine the way you view consent and intimacy in your own life.


Just what the doctor ordered: better access to healthy food

Many health conditions in the U.S. are described as “lifestyle diseases.” I would argue that they are actually cultural diseases. The concept of lifestyle implies personal choice, when in fact cultural trends are the driving force behind the rise in these diseases over the past 50 years.


Dark clouds or sunshine in the forecast: You decide

Ask anyone that knows me. They will tell you. I have a fondness for cloudy skies. I like dark days, where the overcast is so thick it will leave you wondering if it is evening at midday. I don’t know if it is my pale burn-prone skin, or too many years in Yakima, shading my sensitive eyes from sunny summers and blinding snow glare on clear winter days. I don’t often miss the sun. In some ways, I live in the perfect place for that kind of preference.


City livability is linked to higher urban density

Say the word “density” in a crowded room and you are likely to get a mixed bag of responses. Density isn’t typically an endearing term, especially if it means drastic changes to your neighborhood. But I believe it is time we start to rethink our relationship with urban land-use density.


Approaching growth in Olympia with optimism

The need for basic affordable shelter continues to increase as Olympia grows, and if plans are not put into place to accommodate the population increase, people will be priced out of buying or even renting in the greater Olympia-Lacey-Tumwater region. The growth already has begun, but there is still time for the regulations to transform in order to keep up.


A ‘sustainable’ Thurston County needs wise use of land

The Sustainable Thurston Plan was the most inclusive, data intensive study and community conversation ever undertaken in this region. A major finding was that where and how we build as we grow will determine how well — or if — we will achieve the clean water, air and sustainability that residents said was critical to them.


Why clinics offering stem cell therapies need a caution sign

A staggering 54 million Americans suffer from some form of arthritis. Millions more have muscle, tendon or ligament injuries. Short of surgery, physicians usually focus on controlling pain and inflammation, which doesn’t always resolve these problems. Often patients simply stop doing activities they previously enjoyed.


Amazon’s good LGBTQ record should extend to other states

In this current age of corporate activism, global retail giant Amazon has been on the front lines for equality in Washington state, leveraging the company’s wealth and influence to drive historic social change. But the tech leader has been missing in action in other states where discrimination against the LGBTQ community persists.

Bells at the Capitol ring in the Christmas season throughout the Rotunda

The sounds of Christmas ring throughout the Capitol Rotunda Sunday during the annual "Bells at the Capitol" holiday concert performed by students from the Olympia Christian School.