What 'America First' should really mean

John Adams saw the America that was to come as part of a providential design "for the Illumination of the Ignorant and the Emancipation of the slavish Part of Mankind all over the Earth." That design has not, of course, been entirely realized, in America or elsewhere. But it has stood as an ideal to be pursued, a set of principles dear to much of the world, and one of the things for which this country has been admired far more than for its power or wealth.

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C Davis viable candidate for 22nd Legislative District

I met Mr. C Davis today st Fred Meyer here in Lacey, and in our brief conversation; I found this Independent for the 22nd Legislative District to be a man who wants the best for Washington residents. He believes in hard work in order to get things done that will help in making the Evergreen State a more responsible form of government and a more fiscally responsible to the people who elect our representatives.


Regulate facial recognition

Over the past few years, facial-recognition technology has rapidly become a feature of everyday life. It is used to tag people in Facebook pictures, unlock smartphones and even pay for purchases. But as this technology becomes more ubiquitous, so, too, have concerns that it could be misused.


Editorial: The IRS found a way to make ‘dark money’ spent on politics even darker

Under a perverse interpretation of federal law, tax-exempt nonprofit organizations devoted to “social welfare” can spend money to influence elections without publicly disclosing the identities of their donors. But instead of cracking down on the use of “dark money,” the Internal Revenue Service has decided to stop requiring these groups to reveal the sources of their funding.

Letters to the Editor

It’s a fossil fuel world, solutions not simple

Imagine everybody on Earth agreed that global warming was real and something had to be done now. Every person understood that burning fossil fuels consumes oxygen, produces carbon dioxide and that the overall heat capacity of Earth's atmosphere increases as a result. Starting tomorrow no more fossil fuels would be burned. Let's take a quick look at the consequences.

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Does Facebook know you better than you do?

What makes you tick, who you know, where you go, even where you might end up. The information you share in your profile is a snippet of what Facebook and its partners really know about you. Kevin Roose, a technology columnist for The Times, explains.