Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

I-1631 demonstrates support of the people

About 375,000 petition signatures were recently delivered to the Secretary of State’s office in Olympia, showing support for Initiative 1631. Once 260,000 of those signatures are certified valid, the initiative will be added the Washington state ballot in November. The support for this initiative highlights the growing public awareness that we must do something about climate change.

Letters to the Editor

Who are the Missing Middle?

In all the discussion about the city of Olympia’s move to revise residential housing restrictions, referred to as the Missing Middle, there’s one thing I haven’t heard anybody talk about: who is the Missing Middle?

Letters to the Editor

Trash ends up in waterways killing wildlife

Last week, the article, “Starbucks, citing ocean threat, is ditching plastic straws” reminded readers that our waste is killing our wildlife. Our economy encourages us to make, use and toss at the greatest possible speed. Often, we don’t think twice about getting our coffee to-go in a foam cup, or food in a foam takeout container.

Letters to the Editor

Our waste is killing our wildlife

Last month, a 6-ton, 33-foot-long sperm whale washed up on the shore of Spain after dying from ingesting 64 pounds of plastic found in its intestines, including bags, nets, ropes and food containers. Our waste is killing our wildlife.

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Watch the illegal Sacramento car stunts that halted traffic

California Highway Patrol released video of the sideshows that stopped traffic on Sacramento streets and I-5 in the Pocket area. Ten vehicles were seized and 27 citations issued.