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Tumwater should keep its fireworks ban

Tumwater voters are being asked to rescind a fireworks ban by approving city Initiative 1 on April 24. This is a thinly disguised move by the fireworks industry to repeal a City Council ordinance almost as soon as it took effect.


Why a special session is needed to fix use-of-force law

If one thing is clear, a judge needs to sort out the next steps for Initiative 940, the use-of-deadly- force law adopted by the Washington Legislature using an unorthodox process that is under legal attack. If a judge rules as we expect, Gov. Jay Inslee will need to call legislators back into session to re-pass a new version of the law.


State market fills big retirement need for low wage workers

Fully 62 percent of workers in Washington state have no access to retirement plans with payroll deductions. On Monday Washington became the first state in the country to open an online marketplace for workers and employers where they may shop for and voluntarily enroll in plans that allow direct payroll deductions for personal retirement accounts.


Bus service overdue in northeast Lacey

Expanding service in commercial and residential northeast of Lacey was a big issue last fall for several candidates for City Council. Now Intercity Transit is exploring route options for the business district.


One step forward, two stumbles on gun laws

Those Washington lawmakers who stood up to be counted for one gun-law reform this year deserve praise. They passed a statewide ban on the sale or manufacturer of bump stocks — the devices that allow a person to turn a semi-automatic firearm into one that fires like an automatic.


State’s new net-neutrality law is only the first step

Gov. Jay Inslee signed a “net neutrality” bill into law last week that seeks to keep Internet access more equal for consumers and businesses. It is a worthy step toward correcting a mistake by the Federal Communications Commission, which may lead to unwanted favoritism in the delivery of Internet services.


Legislators proved need for more ‘sunshine’

Keeping the windows of government open to the public is a never-ending job. Underscoring the risks to transparency, the Washington Legislature passed a bill last month that specifically exempted members from provisions of the state Public Records Act.


Wilcox has good idea to counter farm suicides

Rep. J.T Wilcox grew up on a South Sound farm and knew all about hard work as a kid. But like many of his fellow Washington state lawmakers the Yelm-area Republican was surprised to learn that suicide rates were highest among workers in farming, fishing and forestry than any other group in the U.S.


Age for owning an AR-15 needs raising

The distance from the Everglades to the Evergreen State is about as far as you can get in the continental U.S., and yet one of the most unnerving aspects of last week’s school shooting was how close it felt.

Aviation safety crew inspects grounded Southwest plane after fatal incident

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) inspectors examined damage to a Southwest Airlines plane engine after one woman died and a number of other people were injured during a flight headed to Dallas from LaGuardia Airport in New York City.
National Transportation Safety Board via Storyful