Birth Announcements for week ending July 20, 2018

New Day Midwifery

AUGILLA, Jhoselyn and Adrian, Olympia, a boy, Mylo Tesla, June 28

BELTRAN, Bobbi and Miguel, Tumwater, a girl, Celelia Irene, May 4

DEAL, Sierra and Cody, Olympia, a girl, Cora Aurora, June 14

JACOBSON, Brittney and Tim, Tenino, a girl, Briar Elliott, July 4

MOBERRY, Corie and Darrik, Olympia, a boy, Gregory Hans, June 22

NICHOLS, Emily and Zack, Olympia, a boy, Maximus David, June 27

PATTON, Lisa and Matt, Olympia, a boy, Henry John, June 26

PETERSEN, Clair and Kalen, a boy, Soren Arthur, May 27

RIVERS, Charissa and Shat-she, Tenino, a boy, Rafiki Aletheia, June 16

WEAVER, Raya and Seth, Olympia, a girl, Trillium Loan Magpie, June 14

Capitol Medical Center

LUTHER, Casey and James, Olympia, a boy, Jaxson Richard, July 15

Providence St. Peter Hospital

MILSHEN/BREMER, Rosella and Nikolai, Rochester, a girl, Petra Anne Marie Bremer, June 7

HUYSMANS/BROOKS, Yolanda and Ryan, Olympia a girl, Emily Grace Brooks, July 4

JOHNSON, Jamie and Raleigh, Lacey, a boy, Roczen Dayne, July 14

POTTER, Katie and Jacob, Winlock, a girl, Hayden Marie, July 7

RAMBERG, Kaitlin and Cory, Grayland, a girl, Freya, July 7

ALVORD/REEVE, Dustee and Jagger, a girl, Brynlee Grace Reeve, June 18

VIRAMONTES, Aubrin and Roman, Aberdeen, a girl, Roslyn James, June 25