Birth Announcements for week ending March 1, 2019

New Day Midwifery

BAGA, Laura and Andy, Olympia, a boy, Drew Whittaker, Jan. 31

BIEHL, Rachel and Michael, Tenino, a boy, Titus Eli, Jan. 25

ESSEN, Jeanette and Justin, Olympia, a girl, Adalaide Mae, Jan. 16

JOHNSON, Melissa and Justin, Olympia, a girl, Emery Elizabeth, Jan. 21

KOILPILLAI, Abigail and Jebi, Olympia, a girl, Annah Melody, Jan. 3

LOWERY, Leticia and Greg, Olympia, a girl, Luna Love, Jan. 15

MARTINEZ, Gena and Jose, Lacey, a girl, Ana Rosa Teresa, Jan. 26

SULLIVAN, Ashlee and Shane, Olympia, a girl, Kaia Mae, Jan. 6

WADE, KelseaMae and Andrew, Chehalis, a boy, Gideon LeRoy-John, Jan. 21

Capital Medical Center

CHAPIN, Elizabeth and Amber, Olympia, a girl, Harper Elizabeth, Feb. 18

GUBBE, Katelyn, Olympia, a girl, Sofia Loveah-Rain, Feb. 18

RICHARD, Mariah and Michael, Olympia, a boy, Michael Andre, Feb. 19

Providence St. Peter Hospital

BROWN/MUXEN, Courtney and Brandon, a girl, Laiya Mae Muxen, Feb. 24

HOENIGES, Jennifer and Noah, Olympia, a girl, Violet Betty, Dec. 29

SILVIUS, Fylcity, Yelm, a girl, Jaedah Lou Silvius, Feb. 15