Heritage Bank set to open new office in Seattle

Heritage Bank is opening a new office in downtown Seattle on the 36th floor of the City Centre building, the bank’s president and chief operating officer said Wednesday.

The 7,500-square-foot office, which will be similar to a loan production office, is set to open in early August, President Jeff Deuel said.

“We will use this as a place to further develop our presence in the Seattle market,” he said.

The office will be home for 15 to 20 employees, including commercial lending and cash management teams, he said, as well as one person who handles mortgages. It also will have a “cash recycler,” which will allow the office to have some cash on hand.

Several of the people moving to the office are coming from the Heritage Bank branch on Westlake Avenue in Seattle.

That branch is set to close in January, he said.

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