Burglars make off with Rainier woman’s evidence in the case of her missing dad

Cindy Morris’ father disappeared more than a half century ago. Now, she says, clues she’s collected over the years about what may have happened to him were stolen over the weekend from her office in Rainier.

“Now I’ve lost him again. It’s very hurtful. I don’t think the people who took it knew what they were taking,” she told The Olympian.

Christopher H. Bridgeman Jr. disappeared in 1963 when Cindy Morris of Rainier was 2 years old. Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs Courtesy

Christopher H. Bridgeman Jr. disappeared in 1963 when Morris was 2 years old. For years, she and her family thought he had abandoned them. But in 2005, a cousin offered a disturbing theory: that Bridgeman was killed and buried in the basement of his father’s home near Olympia.

Thurston County Sheriff’s officials searched the basement but found nothing. The family later had the home demolished and brought in cadaver-sniffing dogs, a soil scientist and an archaeologist to search for human remains, according to The Olympian’s archives.

Since then, Morris has continued to search for clues into her father’s disappearance, collecting photos and information on his case, notes from conversations she’s had with people involved, and videos of local news segments. She kept what she’d collected in two briefcases in her office at Cindy’s Child Care & Preschool on Centre Street in Rainier.

Morris said the building was broken into over the weekend and the briefcases were stolen. She reported the break-in to the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office.

“Everything was in those briefcases. I have nothing now,” she said. “It’s definitely a setback because I had so much information, there’s no way I could have remembered it (all).”

Morris is asking whoever took the briefcases to return them, no questions asked. Short of solving her father’s case, Morris said she wants to find his body and give him a proper burial.

“I just want to do that,” she said.

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